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  • TIME ranks top cities for small business August 15, 2018
    TIME ranks top cities for small business growth. Florida has 3 of the top 10 Orlando is #4. Here’s the full list and why these cities are so attractive for small business leaders. #LoveOrlando #OrlandoUnited #OrlandoStrong #Orlando #smallbusiness #Disney
  • Grieving our friend Dr. John Townsend wh August 14, 2018
    Grieving our friend Dr. John Townsend who lost his nephew from opioid addiction. John writes “You would not wish this sort of tragedy on your worst enemy. Our family will be dealing with the impact of opioids in his life … Continue reading →
  • Pre-meal Prayer: Do you pray for appetiz August 12, 2018
    Pre-meal Prayer: Do you pray for appetizers? What about salads? Comedian John Crist breaks down the dos and don’ts of blessing the food in these “Official Food Prayer Rules” #comedy #prayer #sayinggrace #funny

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